We love our planet

  At Ox Flooring, we LOVE our planet and we think you should too!

We think it’s really important to think about where products come from, how they are made, and what might happen to them at the end of their life.

We’re great believers in sourcing wood flooring products from sustainable forests, and carpet that’s made from pure wool.  But we’re also concerned about the potential damage caused to the environment by shipping products and materials across the globe, so wherever possible, we source our products from the UK or failing that, Scandinavia or Europe.

Take a look at a few examples of our environmentally-friendly products below.

Mohawk Everstrand Recycled Carpet

This fantastic stainproof carpet from Mohawk is the ultimate in luxury and practicality.

It is completely stain resistant, and is ideal for homes with pets and/or children.  It’s hard-wearing and comes in different weaves and pile depths. So whether you’re after a hard-wearing practical living room carpet or a deep soft bedroom carpet, Mohawk have the eco-friendly answer.

Click here to download the Mohawk Everstand brochure


Panaget Sustainable Wood Flooring

Founded in 1929, Panaget has become one of France’s top parquet flooring manufacturers, with an annual production of 1.3 million square metres. It has three manufacturing sites, and all of its wood products are manufactured in France.  They are very much aware of their responsibility to protect the environment and secure the future of the next generations through local sourcing, sustainability, and quality.

Local sourcing

Panaget use locally sourced wood wherever possible, and manufacture all their products in Brittany, France.


All wood from Panaget comes from PEFC-certified forests which are continuously replanted for future generations. Also, during production, sawdust is recycled to generate energy for our driers and buildings.


Panaget’s Realwood label is the culmination of over eighty years’ experience of producing high-quality real wood parquet flooring, recognised by their  ISO 9001 (2000) quality certification.

British made carpet, and British Wool carpet

We stock a range of 100% Pure British Wool carpets, recycling the UK’s sheep fleeces!  Not only is the wool 100% British, but the majority of our British Wool carpets are manufactured in the UK, keeping it local and ecologically sensible.

The quality of British made carpets is also significantly better than a lot of the carpets manufactured overseas, and as such they tend to last and keep their looks for much longer, making them an economically good choice too.

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