5 Unique loft conversion carpet ideas

A carpet is one of the affordable flooring solutions for loft conversions. It’s also perfect if you want to create a warm, stylish and cosy space. How you intend to use your attic space is crucial in determining the most suitable carpet you’ll choose. They come in different colours, designs and materials that you can opt for. Explore the unique loft conversion carpet ideas that you can implement in your space.

carpet in a loft bedroom

1. Get a plush and cosy carpet for your bedroom

If you decide to convert your loft to a bedroom, there are different carpet types to choose from and you can opt for a plush and cosy carpet such as wool for a comfortable space and a luxurious look. The fiber flooring is quite durable if properly maintained. It also feels soft underfoot and is resistant to flames.

2. Choose a stain-resistant carpet for your loft space

Man cleaning a a beige carpet in an attic room

Carpets have different properties and a stain-resistant one would be perfect for a space such as a kids’ playroom or game room. Children can be pretty messy so get a stain-resistant carpet such as olefin and nylon fibers. They’re a popular choice because they are quite affordable and long-lasting. Nylon is especially ideal for spaces that have high foot traffic and pets. If in doubt consult with your local carpet shop.

3. Add a pop of colour through your carpet

Carpets come in different colours so it’s no surprise if you are spoilt for choice. You can choose a bright colour or something outstanding depending on the space you want to create. It’s always advisable to decide on the colours of your walls first before choosing a suitable carpet. Whether you’ve decided to convert your attic space into a home office, extra bedroom or perhaps a playroom, you should ensure that the colour of your caret matches the type of decor you choose.

4. Consider a high-pile carpet for warmth and sound insulation

carpeted loft room

Carpets are one of the affordable and comfortable flooring options for loft conversions and they come in different pile heights ranging from low, medium and high piles. High-pile carpets are best suited for loft rooms because of the sound insulation they offer thanks to the thick and fluffy fibers. According to Eduard a loft extension specialist, the contractor can help you choose a suitable underlay for your carpet. They are also very warm due to the plush fibers. However, you will need frequent vacuuming because the high pile fibers easily trap dust and dirt.

5. Opt for sustainable options

shoes on carpet

Carpets are made of different materials including natural ones such as wool, seagrass and sisal. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution for your loft space, you can consider the options made from natural materials. Although they might be more costly than the artificial options, they’re worth it because of their durability and aesthetic appeal. Carpets made from materials such as wool are especially perfect for covering your hardwood flooring in your loft.

There are many loft conversion carpet ideas that you can opt for your space and this will vary depending on your style and the overall decor theme you’re looking to achieve. With a qualified flooring specialist, you will get professional assistance when choosing a suitable carpet for your attic space.