How to stop office chair damaging carpet

Getting an office chair is crucial to creating a comfortable space to improve productivity. However, frequent use of the chair can cause damage to your carpet over time. The friction and weight ruin the carpet fibres making it degrade gradually. You can prevent excessive damage with proper maintenance and necessary precautionary measures. Here are some of the ways you can stop your office chair from damaging the carpet.

office chair wheels on a red-carpet

1. Get an office chair mat

An office chair mat is a perfect solution to prevent any damage. It minimises any wear and tear because it creates a barrier between the chair and the carpet. The mats come in different designs, colours and shapes so you can easily choose one that complements your workspace. Depending on your carpet material, you can always opt for a transparent chair mat if you want to ensure that your carpet design remains visible. Getting a mat is a cost-effective solution because it will preserve your carpet’s durability. The furniture experts from Rethink Office Furniture, suggest to get a second hand office chairs that are affordable and can go well with your mat and carpet. Some of the things you should consider when choosing a suitable chair mat for your carpet include the following:

  • Aesthetics
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Thickness
  • Smoothness

 2. Get carpet friendly wheels

beige carpet under office desk

Another way to protect your carpet is by opting for carpet-friendly wheels. The wheels should be soft on your carpet to reduce any potential damage. To prevent any tears on your carpet, you can choose larger wheels that can distribute the weight evenly. This way, all the pressure won’t be centred on one spot.

It’s also advisable to get wheels that will smoothly glide on the carpet such as rollerblade-style wheels which will cause less damage.

This will ensure there’s minimal damage if you plan on moving your carpet in the future. You should consider the following when choosing suitable wheels for your chair.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Wheel design

3. Consider getting furniture coasters

Furniture coasters are another option that you can consider to stop the office chair from damaging the carpet. With furniture coasters, the chair won’t penetrate deep into the carpet because they create a flat surface and minimise any damage. Even though coasters are quite affordable,  you should note that they limit any movement. You can also consider moving your furniture around to avoid damage occurring from placing your office chair in one spot for so long.