How much is an office carpet installation cost

An office carpet installation costs between £6 to £60 per m². This price will vary depending on several factors such as the type of carpet installed, the room’s size, and the carpet installer doing the job. You should get at least three different quotes from professional installers so that you can have a clue of what you need to budget for. This article explores the office carpet installation cost and other factors you need to bear in mind when planning your project.

red carpet in an office


Factors that impact the cost of your office carpet installation

Various factors significantly impact the overall cost of your office carpet installation. They include the following:

Nature of the existing floor

If the existing floor has issues, it has to be fixed first before the carpet can be installed. You might have to budget for more depending on the extent of the damage. Be it uneven flooring or broken floorboards, it’s advisable to always communicate with your carpet fitter if you suspect there might be such an issue.

Size of the office

How big is your office? Is it a small home office or a commercial office? A bigger office will cost more compared to a smaller one especially if the cost is calculated per m². You should have accurate measurements of your space when inquiring for a quote.

Clearing the room

Is there any furniture that needs to be moved around before the installation? If you need your carpet installer to move office furniture, you should inform them in advance so that they can tell you whether you need to pay for it separately or if it’s included in the package. The amount of furniture in your office and how heavy they are will significantly impact how much they’ll charge you.

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The need for carpet underlay

Carpet underlay is a crucial requirement for most carpet fittings. This means you need to budget for it when you’re buying your carpet. With carpet underlay, you get heat and sound insulation and it also improves your carpet’s durability. You can always ask your carpet fitter to recommend a suitable underlay depending on the type of carpet you want.

What’s the duration of an office carpet installation

An office carpet installation should take one day. The duration might be longer if you have a bigger office or if there’s a lot of work that needs to be done such as repairing the existing flooring or moving heavy furniture. Your carpet installer should give you an accurate estimate of how long the project will take.

Office carpet removal

You should also ask your fitter whether office carpet removal is included in the package or if you have to pay for it separately especially if you have an old carpet that you want to replace. If you are moving to a different location, it’s advisable to hire experts who can safely remove the carpet if you plan on installing it in your new space.

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Additional cost for office carpet installation

Apart from the carpet installation costs, you should ensure that you budget accordingly for other additional costs. These costs will vary depending on the nature of the project. The extra costs include the following:

Fixing the existing flooring

If your existing flooring has issues such as uneven flooring, it will cost you approximately £15 per m² to fix the problem. The amount you pay will vary depending on the extent of damage to your existing flooring.

You should notify your carpet fitter in advance if you know the existing floor has any issues so that they can give you an accurate price estimate.

Clearing the office space

It costs £10 to £15 per room for carpet fitters to move office furniture during a carpet installation. Some carpet installers include this fee in the overall installation cost, so you should always ask before they commence the job so that you can budget accordingly. You also have the option of hiring professional movers to ensure that every item is handled with care. chair wheels on brown carpet

Underlay installation cost

On average, underlay installation costs £8 per m² for both the underlay and fitting. This price will vary depending on the type of underlay and size being fitted. You should communicate with your carpet installer in advance so that you can avoid any additional costs while the project is underway.

Table showing office carpet installation price list

Office Carpet Installation Cost Breakdown

Factor Estimated Cost/Details
Nature of Existing Floor Costs vary based on the condition and necessary repairs before installation.
Size of Office £6 to £60 per m², larger offices incur higher costs.
Clearing the Room £10 to £15 per room for moving furniture.
Carpet Underlay £8 per m² (including fitting).
Duration of Installation Varies based on office size and additional work required.
Office Carpet Removal Cost varies, dependent on the project.
Fixing Existing Flooring Approximately £15 per m² for repairs.

Asking for different quotes from at least three carpet installers will give you an accurate estimate of what to expect and budget for. Here’s a table summarising all the carpet installation costs and what to expect.

Knowing that office carpet installation costs between £6 to £60 per m², it’s easier for you to budget accordingly. Always ask your carpet fitter what the amount he has quoted covers so that you can avoid any unnecessary extra costs while the project is in progress.