6 Luxury living room flooring ideas

The living room is a place where you relax and spend time with your loved ones after a long day, making it crucial to ensure the space is comfortable. Apart from the interior decor you choose, the type of flooring you choose is also essential if you’re looking to create a luxurious and cosy space. Explore the different luxury living room flooring ideas that you can consider.

wood flooring installation

1. Make a statement with wooden flooring

Wooden flooring allows you to incorporate nature into your living space. Engineered wood is one of the options you can consider because it comes in different finishes to match your interior decor. You can also install underfloor heating underneath to make your space warmer especially during cold seasons.  You can also play around with the direction in which you lay your wood panels because it will make your living room look more spacious or squeezed. Long panels are recommended if you want a more elongated look for your flooring.

2. Get a deep pile carpet for more comfort

A deep pile carpet would be perfect for a plush and warm feel underfoot. Carpets come in different designs, colours and styles making them the right solution if you want to add a touch of luxury to your space. They are also a good addition to hard flooring because of their insulation properties. You can decide to add a pop of colour to your space through the carpet you choose, or you can create a more soothing space by going for neutral colours.

parquet and laminate floor

3. Create a unique space with stone flooring

Stone flooring is resilient and durable because it can last for decades. With natural stone, you get different designs and shapes that you can choose from depending on the aesthetic you want for your living room. You can also install underfloor heating for more warmth. Stone flooring gives your living room a sophisticated and timeless look thanks to the natural grain, unique colour and pattern variation. Some of the different types of natural stone you can consider for your living space include the following:

  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Travertine

During a collaboration with https://hampsteadarchitects.com, a local luxury architect, we noticed that working together could help with the selection and installation process of stone flooring, ensuring a perfect blend of natural beauty with the overall design of your living space. The architect’s expertise can guide you in choosing the right type of stone that not only fits your aesthetic preference but also complements the architectural elements of your home, creating a cohesive and truly luxurious environment.

 4. Consider luxury vinyl tiles for a cost-effective solution

With the variety of options available, you don’t need to break the bank for you to achieve a luxurious living room floor. Luxury vinyl tiles allow you to achieve the sophisticated look you want for your living space. If you were thinking of sprucing up your floors, you can lay the vinyl tiles over existing floors, thus saving a lot of work. Whether you want a stone, slate, wood, or concrete look, vinyl tiles allow you to make a statement. You can play around with the tiles by laying them in different patterns to make your space look bigger and more stylish.

Man lays brown Vinyl floor

5. Make your space charming with a Berber rug

Also known as a looped pile carpet, a Berber rug will help you create a charming and luxurious space. To create a warm and cosy space, a deep pile would be a perfect choice. The rug will provide a fitting surface for you to lay any type of furniture. It’s also available in different designs, colours and styles, making it ideal for aesthetics. You can also choose from a wide range of materials including cotton, and wool. However, you should note that Berber carpets aren’t the most pet-friendly options you can consider.

6. Install tiles for more personality

One way to add some personality to your living space is by adding tiles. You can opt for different patterns, add a touch of colour or consider neutral tones for a more modern finish. Apart from their sleek finish, floor tiles are also hard-wearing and easy to maintain. You can also add a rug or carpet for a more warm or soft feel underfoot. Either way, you can still get the perfect tiles depending on the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve.