How much do carpet installers charge to move furniture uk

On average, carpet installers charge between £10 to £15 per room to move furniture around. Sometimes your carpet installer might decide to include the fee in the overall installation fee. Other times, you might have to budget for it separately as an additional expense. It’s advisable to always consult when asking for a quote so that you can know what is covered by the price given. Here are some of the factors that determine how much carpet installers charge to move furniture in the UK.

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Factors that determine how much carpet installers charge to move furniture

Moving furniture can be quite hectic and time-consuming and this determines whether the carpet installer will charge it as a separate service. Here at Oxflooring carpet shop we can take care of it at the same time when you buy a new carpet. On other hand the amount carpet instalers charge you will impact the overall carpet installation cost.  Some of the factors that will impact this cost include the following:

Size of the furniture being moved

If you have huge furniture that needs to be moved, it will cost you more because it will take longer and require more manpower.

If your furniture is small in size, you can always avoid this extra cost by moving the furniture yourself before your carpet installer arrives.

Amount of furniture being moved

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The quantity of furniture you want to be moved will also determine how much you’re going to pay in the long run. If you have a lot of furniture you’re going to pay more because moving them around will be a time-consuming task. It’s also crucial to think about removing your old carpet and whether the existing flooring needs to be fixed before installing the new one. You also need to consider that the furniture needs to be returned in place once the installation is done.

The distance that the furniture is being moved

How far is the furniture being moved? The amount will vary depending on the distance the furniture has to be moved. If it’s being moved over a long distance, it’s bound to cost you more compared to if the move was within a short distance.

Ease of access

If there are many obstacles that the carpet installer will encounter when moving the furniture such as a  long flight of stairs, they will charge you more. Obstacles that will hinder access and those that are not easy to manoeuvre will make the task more consuming and also require additional labour which will make everything costly.

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How to avoid the cost of moving furniture during carpet installation

The surest way to avoid this cost is by moving the furniture in advance by yourself or you can get help from your friends. This extra cost might be inevitable in instances where you have heavy furniture that you can’t move by yourself. You can always ask your carpet whether they can move it for you or find a professional mover to help you out. According to removals in London at, hiring a qualified mover is an ideal solution because your belongings will be safe and they will also be handled with care during the relocation process. If you have a few pieces of furniture, some carpet installers might move them for free but it’s good to confirm with them before they start the job.

With the above information, you have an idea of how much carpet installers charge to move furniture in the UK. If you have a lot of heavy furniture that needs to be moved, you need between £10 to £15 per room to have the furniture moved. This information will also help you budget accordingly for your carpet installation.