Terms and Conditions

Dated: 08/02/2018

1. A 75% deposit must be paid upon acceptance of all quotations

2. Ox Flooring (hereafter ’The Company ’ )  supply the materials as supplied by the manufacturer. The company is not liable for any defects. Defects will be referred to the manufacturer to inspect and rectify

3. Samples as seen in the shop are provided by the manufacturer.Colours between samples and product may vary slightly. Ox Flooring accepts responsibility for this within an accepted tolerence level agreed with the manufacturer. All Natural products are susceptible to fading over a period of time.

4. All installations will be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and any deviations will render the manufacturer’s guarantee void

5. Ox Flooring does  not accept any responisbility for damage to furniture, fragile items or walls caused by the moving of furniture by the installer during the installation of the product . Our fitters are not responsible for, nor do they undertake, alteration of internal or external doors

6. Cancellation of work on a scheduled fitting date due to events beyond the company’s control will be subject to a cancellation fee

7. The fitters are not Electric Part One qualified so we are unable to carry out checks on the stability or safety of any wiring in the property . The company does not accept any liability for any faults that occur to any telephone, alarm or internet wires that are placed under the carpet. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all wiring is secure and safe prior to installation.

8. The fitters are not qualified plumbers, so they may not disconnect any washing machines, dishwashers or any appliances that are connected to the water mains .

9. The installers are not gas Safe registered so they are prohibited by law to touch any gas appliances .

10. All water/gas pipes have to be a minimum of 25mm under the surface so as to avoid being punctured

11. The customer will ensure that the fitter has unrestricted access to the area that needs fitting and ensure that all children are kept out of the area .

12. The fitter is prohibited from doing any additional work that is not part of the contract between the client and the company

13. All work is guaranteed for a year; plus the manufacturer’s guarantee for the product

14. All disputes have to be sent in writing for the attention of the Sales Manager

15. The fitter will ensure that the property is clear of debris after completion. The fitter will not dust/vaccuum the area, unless agreed with the client prior to installation

16. Please note that the installation of wood and laminate flooring will create sawdust , which may be prsent for up to 1 week after installation

17. All materials will require some time to settle and this may take up to 3 months depending on the product. Clients must report any changes to the company in writing as they occur.

18. Payment of the balance is due upon completion. Interest may be charged for late payments